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Marine Passenger Seats

Procuring Marine Passenger Seats at

One of the best products of is marine passenger seats. This manufacturer of passenger seats of marine has been in the market for the last twelve years while resolving the seating issue of passenger ferries or the passenger vessels. The materials of marine passenger seat are Aluminum seat frame, track, beam, legs, or arm-rest. Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory also offers PVC or Fabric upholstery with the fire retardant certificate. There is higher quality foam with fire retardant certificate. The other materials of marine passenger seats are life jacket bag, headrest cover, or armrest cover. 

The marine passenger seats are applied on high-speed ferries, passenger vessels, passenger boat, cruise, hovercraft, catamaran, and so forth. If you have a ferry service, shipyard, ship repair, or the ship building company, you can easily contact with or Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory as you can derive the best professional seating solution. 

the features of marine passenger seat

Here at, one can find out nice, design, luxury, comfy with higher elasticity foam being suitable for a long distance journey. One can avail lightweight and the average weight is around 11KGs to 12KGs. The seat does have a powerful frame and composition with higher quality aluminum that can provide the support of the acceleration of vessel up to 6G. The consumers can find out the different options while looking for the marine passenger seats. These are SANHUI-02, SANHUI-03, SANHUI-04, and SANHUI-05. This company also produces Outdoor ferry seats. The seat back fixed or reclining can be produced. This can be reclined between 106 and 124 degrees. The cost of reclining is higher. If you like to have a snack table behind the seatback, you can avail snack table with ABS material. Please kindly be noted that the snack table is not integrated with the product. If you require, there is to be an additional price. 

In the area of armrest, you can find curve armrest, open flat armrest or closed armrest. The armrest can be installed from each seat to each or only at the ending of row. You can prefer one. However, maintains the standard installation of armrest. If you prefer the rails or tracks underneath the seats, the price is the similar for both. 

the color of marine passenger seats

If you have any consideration of the color of seats, you can ask this company and the company is to send you some photographs to select. Alternatively, you can take a visit at; hence, this company is to produce based on your choice. The weight of marine passenger seats is diverse for the different forms of seats. The weight of single seat is 12.5Kgs.  The weight of double seats is 20.0Kgs. The weight of triple seats is 27.3Kgs. The weight of four seats in a row is around 38.8kgs. Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory comprises CCS certificate with IMO HSC standard.

The consumers can also find the other categories of the ferry seats including  

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The consumers can take a visit at to procure their best ferry passenger chairs in the most affordable cost.