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Finding the best seating solution of passenger vessel at provides the best seating solution of passenger vessel industry all through the globe. The seating solutions along with its accessories have been suited for any kind of vessel all through the globe. After establishing, Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory has had a reputation as a dependable supplier to the marine industry. Now, you can find marine passenger seats from this ferry seat producer as they have kept the quality service along with the endurable demands of the marine setting. introduces an extensive range of seating solution and the creative fashion along with the concentration to the details appears with the maximum comfort, safety along with a long service life.  Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory is emerging as the market leader as this company starts occupying the most of the share. This seat factory for passenger vessel can negotiate the demands of passengers comfort and security needs for modern high speeding craft.   Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory is confident enough to send their goods any place all through the globe for the makers along with the operators to install. continues investing in the future of marine seating and it has set a new standard in design and service. The research is going on constantly here at to develop the design of the seat, materials and technology to maintain the reputation of its following products. 

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Crew Seats,
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marine passenger seats

Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory offers the product categories including SANHUI-02 Ferry Seats, SANHUI-03 Ferry Seats,   SANHUI-04 Ferry Seats,   SANHUI-05 Ferry Seats,   Outdoor Ferry Seating, Upholstery, and Plastic Marine Seating.  Under SANHUI-03 Ferry Seats, the consumers can find out Crew Boat Seating, Ferry Seats, Ferry Chairs, Marine Chairs, Marine seats, or Ferry Seating. The materials of crew boat seating are composed of   Aluminum Seat Frame, Beam, Legs, Track, and Armrest. The material of upholstery is fire retardant fabric or PVC with certificate.  

The accessories integrated SANHUI-03 Crew Boat Seating. These are headrest cover, life jacket bag, seat track, track cover and track end and magazine pocket. The optional accessories for SANHUI-03 crew boat setting include Snack table, Life Jacket, Cup holder, or Feet rest. fixes the backrest and reclining backrest. The back angle of the chair is freely adjusted in 106 degrees to 124 degrees. Now, the consumers can purchase Crew Seats from 

The weight of Sanhui-03 crew boat seating is described for both fixed back and reclining back. The single seat of fixed back is 14Kgs and 16kgs for reclining back.  The double seats for fixed back are 21Kgs and for reclining back, these are 23 Kgs.  The triple seats of fixed back are 29Kgs and the reclining back are 33.5kgs. The four seats in a row for fixed back are 37.6kgs and the reclining back is 40.8kgs. Taicang Sanhui Ferry Seat Factory is certified with CCS Certificate with IMO HSC STANDARD for its produced goods. Now, you can buy boat chairs, marine chairs, ferry boat chairs or ferry passenger chairs at