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Marine Passenger Seats
Marine Passenger Seats
Trasea as a leading company specialize in Marine Passenger Seats  industry for more than 10 years.
The marine passenger seats produced by trasea are 100% aluminum can support vessel acceleration up to 12 G , certificated by CCS with IMO HSC standard 
Seats including 
aluminum frame 
aluminum beams 
aluminum legs 
aluminum armrest 
aluminum tracks 
With fire proof foam and seat cover , the seat cover can be PVC and fabric. Both of them are fire retardant with certificate 
Aluminum structure make seats light weight and fuel saving 
Unlike other marine passenger seats, TRASEA seats look nice but also give passenger maximum comfort. the design of each types are developed by our engineer scientifically based on the human body. 
Marine passenger seats
TRASEA marine passenger seats are mounted on the deck with a track , then the seats of each row can be moved along the track 
There is another option called bolt down track , just as above pictures, this make the track piece by piece  , not in one piece which is good for mopping the floor.

There are many types in our product range , but most popular types are as below.
Economy class
Business class
VIP class
Outdoor marine passenger seats
Regarding the seating arrangement , we can produce it two seats in a row, 3 seats in a row , 4 seats in a row , 5 seats in a row ,6 seats in a row according to your GA 
There is only 2 legs under 5 seats 
As for 6 seats , we have 3 legs to strength the frame 
Marine passenger seats produced by trasea have some accessories for options 
1. Life jacket with certificate 
2. Snack table both for fixed backrest and reclining backrest 
3.Seat belt 
Another good advantage of TRASEA, we have sales and customer service 24 hour service 
Your questions will be answered within 2 hours , your problems will be solved with 12 hours 
Marine passenger seats produced by trasea