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How to find a reliable marine passenger seats manufacturer

Marine passenger seats

If you are looking for marine passenger seats for your passenger ferry , catamaran , fast boat yachts,hovercraft , RORO vessel ,fishing boat , crew boat . You’d better find a supplier specialize in marine seat industry

First of all , the marine passenger seats should be made of high quality aluminum to support the tough marine and sea condition . A few customer said that their marine passenger seats got rusted easily. The reason is that they use iron material for their marine seats. TRASEA MARINE SEATING to be a manufacturer with more than 10 years experience give customers quality assurance. We did not get any complaints from customers in the past 5 years. We believe that no after sales service is the best service

TRASEA marine passenger seats approved by IMO International Code of Safety for High-speed Craft 2000
And IMO FTPC . TRASEA marine passenger seats support the collision road up to 12 G and with fire retardant upholstery

There are only about 10 manufacturers (factory) in the world produce marine seats . Manufacturers located in Australia ,Northern Europe,China. When you search for marine passenger seats for your new build vessel or replacing or refurbish your existing ferry ,it is wise to find a real manufacturer rather than a trading company to save your cost . Because some trading company also purchase the marine passenger seats from mention manufacturer off course including TRASEA

Many ferry operators and ship builders focus on marine passenger seat weight very much . The average weight of one seat is another advantage of Trasea marine. It is 11-12.5kgs/pcs makes it very fuel saving . It is hard to find other light weight seat as trasea based on the same level quality

Whether you are searching for marine seats for a new build vessel or refurbishing seating for a existing vessel , whether you are a ferry operator or a a shipyard you just need to send us your GA , we will give you one stop seating solution

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