Name: TRA-04 Marine Chairs for Passenger Ferry  model: TRA-04
TRA-04 Marine Chairs for Passenger Ferry. luxury and comfortable.

TRA-04 Marine Chairs

TRA-04 Marine chairs as a luxury type can be fitted for passenger ferry, fast boats, crew boats , whale watching vessels , cruises, fishing boats. sightseeing ship.

There are many options for TRA-04 Marine Chairs. Also for TRA-02 and TRA-03

1. Reclining backrest or fixed backrest, reclining backrest with an extra cost 

2.Do you want a tray table(meal tray) at the back of seats.

3.Do you want a life jacket holder under the seats. No extra cost 

4.Do you want a seat belt for each passenger?

5.Do you need life jacket with SOLAS certificate?

6.Do you need a document pocket at the back of the seats 

7.Which armrest do you need ? Open curved armrest. Open flat armrest, Closed armrests 

8. Two options to mount the track on the deck. Long tracks with rivets mounting 

    Short tracks with bolt down mounting 

Single Seat    Two armrests  Two legs  

Doubel Seats Three armrests Two legs

Triple Seats    Four armrests  Two legs 

Some cases of TRA-04 Marine Passenger Chairs