Marine seats type TRA-03 with red vinyl cover


TRASEA is pleased to announce another successful project for UAE customer. It is the third project of marine seats TRASEA accomplish for UAE customer in the year 2018.

Total 40pcs TRA-03 marine seats with red vinyl seat cover. Most of marine seats are configured into triple-seats with four closed armrest for each set of marine seats. there is a black life jacket bag under each seat to storage life jacket.

All of TRASEA marine seats are equiped with aluminum frame. the strong frame can support 12g acceleration. the marine seats are fixed on the tracks which are mounted on the deck with bolts or rivets.

TRA-03 marine seats are chosen by many ship owners for their interior seating due to its comfortable design and affordable price. 

TRASEA as the specialist in marine seats industry will continue to provide the best quality product and service for customers all over the world.

vinyl marine seats.jpg