Another project for Austal high speed ferry 306 passeners


Another project for Austal high speed ferry 

TRASEA pleased to announce another successful project for Austal high speed ferry hull 420 after hull412&413. It is the third passenger ferry which TRASEA provide full seating solution and produced marine seats for passengers.

This cooperation not only continues a successful relationship between Austal and TRASEA but also confirms TRASEA’s solid strength and superior service in global marine seats market.

TRASEA attach great importance to every details of clients requirement and always spare no effort to make them perfect.

For main deck 187 passengers. TRA-02 marine seats with two bright colors will make the cabin more impressive. Front side synthetic leather and back side fabric combination makes the marine seats more stylish. Each seat equipped with a snack table at the seat back.  

marine seats.jpg

 economy marine seats.jpg

For upper deck . TRA-04 marine seats total 32 passengers. Also fabric and synthetic leather combination seat cover. Reclining backrest to give passengers ultimate comfort.

marine passenger seats.jpg

business class marine seats.jpg

For upper deck outdoor seats, we equipped with ABS plastic seat. The advantage of this type is its durability and easy-maintaining. Different shape and color plastic marine seats available.

exterior marine seats.jpg

outdoor ferry seats.jpg

As for the life jacket box . we custom made for clients based on the life jacket dimension. It is a new design box made of aluminum which is more durable than bags. Installed under the seats. The special design box with a button make it very convenient to open and close the box. 

TRASEA definitely will continue to make technical innovation not only to provide better services and high quality marine seats for clients but also give passengers a more comfortable and happy journey.