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Type: TRA-03 


TRA03 is high back marine passenger seats for economy class

1.The average weight of triple seats is about 10kgs.

2.The high back design provide shoulder,neck,head full support giving passenger ultimate comfort

3.TRA-03 selected by many ship owners for their economy class

Material of TRA-03 marine passenger seats

1.All seats are manufactured from high quality corrosion resistant aluminum.Aluminum cushion and backrest frame,aluminum beams,legs,armrests,tracks.

2.The structure is as strong as to support 12G vessel acceleration.

3.Upholstery can be fabric or synthetic leather ,or leather , Upholstery material are approved flame retardant testing.


1.Two years warranty. 

2.300 vessels fitted TRASEA seating in 30 different countries.

3.High quality aluminum frame support 12g vessel acceleration.

4.Vinyl imported from South Koread DNV GL and EC certified.10 years service life. 

5.IMO HSC type approved.  

6.Highest cost/performance ratio in world ferry seating industry. 


1.Each seat equipped with a life jacket bag(box, tray) under the seat and document pocket at the seat back.

2.Also other optional accessories available

Optional Accessories

Snack Table

Cup holder

Seat belt

Life jacket


Grab handle

Reclining and seating configuration

1.The backrest can be fixed and reclining. Can be backwards 20cm reclines from 106 to 124 degrees.

2.TRASEA manufacturer the marine passenger seats into various seating configuration according to required vessel general arrangement. Client also can ask TRASEA for help about the GA.

Seating configuration

ConfigurationArmrest QuantityLeg QuantityTotal Width
Single seat22550mm
Double seats321060mm
Triple seats421570mm
Four seats in a row522080mm
Five seats in a row632590mm

Track mounted

1.The seat legs fastened on the track , install the track on the deck floor with rivets or bolts.

2.Tracks provided by TRASEA. Rivets and bolts prepared by clients.

Armrest details

Standard armrest arrangement: Armrest between every seat plus two ends

Special armrest arrangement produced as per clients’ request

Each armrest are wrapped by cover. Same material and same color as the seat cover

Armrest shape:open curved , open flat, closed curved 

Typical project

TRASEA supplied marine passenger seats for the biggest and fastest ferry service in Malaysia. The first cooperation between the two companies dated back to the year 2013 that TRASEA provided 271 TRA-02 passenger seats for one of their fast ferry. “We are more than happy to have TRASEA marine seating for our fast ferry and it surpass our existing marine seat either purchased from Malaysia or other supplier in China ” said by the boss Mr Ooi

Taking the confidence and trust in TRASEA. Mr Ooi came to China and visited our factory for the construction of marine passenger seats for two more passenger ferries. Unlike the first ship . Mr Ooi select TRA-03 type for the two passenger vessels we were going to fit.

The two companies finalize a contract for 1167pcs marine passenger seats in a single afternoon due to their busy schedule in China.

TRASEA was proud to deliver high quality marine passenger seats for them on time and on budget and they also appreciate the extraordinary focus we have on each project.

marine passenger seats.jpg


Other recent projects of TRA-03 marine passenger seats

IndonesiaShipyard 100 passengers Passenger boat
Singapore     Aluminum boat manufacturer56 passengers      High speed monohull crew boat
United Arab EmiratesBoat builder 100 passengers Fast ferry
CroatiaFerry operator     103 passengers      High speed ships
Greece  Ferry service company 126 passengers  Passenger vessel
Virgin IslandFerry service company 41 passengers High speed ferry