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Plastic passenger vessel seats with aluminum frame

TRASEA as a manufacturer specialize in marine seating solution always in the leading position on technological innovation and product upgrading.

TRA-07 is a new type for exterior seating. Easy maintaining and weather resist make TRA-07 stand out from other passenger vessel seats. Some client also choose TRA-07 for interior seating for low budget and long service life.

Materila of TRA-07 passenger vessel seats

Plastic seat (ABS) with stainless steel tube inside the seats to increase strength 

Aluminum beams, legs, armrests,tracks.


1.Two years warranty. 

2.300 vessels fitted TRASEA seating in 30 different countries.

3.High quality aluminum frame support 12g vessel acceleration.

4.Highest cost/performance ratio in world ferry seating industry. 


There are many plastic seats suppliers in China whose main market is for bus.their seats can only be used on bus because of the poor quality of iron seat frame. 

However many of them often offer their iron frame plastic seats to clients in marine industry at such a low price that client can't refuse. 

Many clients said the iron legs and frames get rusted before they received the seats not mention the performance and safety in the marine environment. 

Unlike the iron frame, TRASEA produce the seats from high quality and corrosion resist aluminum which has a ten years service life in the marine environment. it has the same structure as other economy seats which can support 12G vessel acceleration. 

Seating Configuration 

Different seating configuration can be made out to the boat seating layout.

The standard width of different seater is as below , we can custom make the width to suit every single unique passenger boat. The minimum width for one seat is 440mm.

ConfigurationArmrest QuantityLeg QuantityTotal Width
Single seat22550mm
Double seats321060mm
Triple seats421570mm
Four seats in a row522080mm
Five seats in a row632590mm


Life jacket storage (,tray) under each seat

Life jacket, Seat belt can be optional 

Track mounted

1.The seat legs fastened on the track , install the track on the deck floor with rivets or bolts.

2.Tracks provided by TRASEA. Rivets and bolts prepared by clients.

Typical project 

TRA-07 plastic passenger vessel seats are widely used as exterior or interior seating for various vessels due to the long service life and weather resistance.

The latest project TRASEA involved is for a ferry service company in Philippines (Supercat 2GO) two passenger ferries each ferry has 87 passenger seats at the upper deck external area. 

The plastic boat seats produced by TRASEA for Supercat 2GO passenger ferry 

plastic boat seat.jpg