TRA-08 New
  • luxury marine passenger seats
  • passenger boat seats
  • marine seating

Type: TRA-08 New 

TRA-08 New Marine Passenger Seats for First Class.

This is the new design marine passenger seats TRASEA developed for fast ferry first class or VIP class. 

The wide and high foam backrest give passenger ultimate comfort during the trip.

80mm super wide armrest wrapped by foam and leather makes the marine passenger seats more elegant and graceful.

The upholstery of the seats can be fabric , synthetic leather , or even genuine leather.

Various accessories can be equipped to the TRA-08 New marine passenger seats. 

Legrest. give passengers extra comfort to relax their legs.

USB socket . never worry about mobile out of charge.

Snack table hidden in the armrest. it is very convenient when it comes to eating.