Filp Up Cushion Passenger Boat Seats for Manila Philippines Ship Owner

Dec. 22, 2021

TRASEA is pleased to declare another successful project for a Philippine ship owner . This project is about that cushion flip up passenger boat seats. This is a new design marine passenger seats for economy class. 

The special design of the filp up cushion just like the cinema chairs. It tremendously increases the space between each row and making it easier to clean up the floor under the seats.  

Life jacket storage can also be installed under the passenger boat seats.  The life jacket storage can be bag or molded plastic box. 

The upholstery of this passenger boat seats is fire retardant fabric same material and color as the China High Speed Train passenger seats.

It is the second passenger boat seats project TRASEA produced for the Manila Philippine ship owner. More and more Southeast Asia shipyarnd and ship owner chooce TRASEA passenger seats. Because its warranted quality and competitive price.

TRASEA is looking forward to see the pictures when these passenger boat seats installed on the boats.

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