Ultimate guide for first-class/VIP-class marine seats.

Aug. 18, 2023

Ultimate guide for first-class/VIP-class marine seats.

First-class/VIP-class marine seats on a passenger ferry or cruise ship are designed to provide the utmost comfort, style, and exclusivity for VIP passengers. These seats go beyond the standard economic seating offering a premium experience that enhances the journey. Here's an introduction to what you can expect from First-class/VIP-class marine seats:

Luxurious Design

First-class marine seats are meticulously crafted with a focus on elegant design and high-quality materials. They often feature realleather upholstery to increase the comfort for the vip passengers. TRASEA spend a lot budget on the seating design each year cooperating with world famous designing company.

Spacious Seating

First-class/VIP-class marine seats always have a wider cushion and backrest, offering more space for passengers to stretch out and relax. The design prioritizes comfort, ensuring that travelers can enjoy a comfortable journey.

Bigger Reclining and Adjustable Angle

First-class marine seats are often equipped with reclining features, allowing passengers to adjust their seating position according to their preferences. Unlike the economic class marine seats, the reclining angle is only 20 degree due to the limited space and seating pitch. The angle of first-class/VIP-class marine seats can be 25 degree which allow passengers lie down with the support of footrest.

Enhanced Accessories

First-class marine seats are often equipped with below typical accessories that make the journey more enjoyable.

1. Extra wide armrest with padding. The armrests for first-class marine seats are either 60mm or 80mm wide, whereas they are only 40mm wide for the seating in the economy class. Additionally, we have incorporated soft padding on the top to provide passengers with extra comfort and care.

2. Adjustable foot rest. Foot rest as an optional accessory can enhance passenger comfort during extended journeys.Its primary purpose is to provide support and relief to the legs and feet.Furthermore, passengers can adjust the footrest to their preferred angle with easy operation.

3. USB charging ports. It provide passengers with a convenient and accessible way to charge their electronic devices during their journey.These ports serve as power outlets for devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets.This is particularly important during longer journeys where passengers might need to keep their devices powered up for communication, entertainment, work, or other purposes.

4. Reading light. An adjustable light fixture designed to provide localized illumination for passengers to read or perform tasks during their journey.

Reading lights are equipped with adjustable arms or necks, allowing passengers to direct the light precisely where they need it. This feature ensures that the light doesn't disturb fellow passengers while providing focused illumination for reading materials or other tasks.Passengers can adjust the intensity of the light according to their preferences, creating a comfortable reading environment that suits their eyesight and the ambient lighting conditions.

5. Fold-out snack table: As a distinctive feature of first-class marine seats, the fold-out snack table is a compact and practical addition embedded within the armrest of your seat. This feature enhances the overall experience by providing passengers with a dedicated space to enjoy snacks, beverages, or other items.The fold-out snack table cleverly utilizes the available space by seamlessly integrating it into the armrest, minimizing clutter while still offering functionality.

6. Video system. Video system refers to an integrated entertainment feature that provides passengers with audiovisual content for their enjoyment during their journey. This system enhances the travel experience by offering passengers the opportunity to watch movies, TV shows, videos, or other digital content right from their seat. 

More Space, Less Crowding

In the first-class or VIP cabin, there will be only a limited number of seats. The seat pitch and distance to the seat beside are always generous, allowing passengers to adjust their seats to any preferred angle without concerning themselves with others.

first class marine seats

Overall, traveling in first class or VIP class on a passenger ferry or cruise ship offers a combination of luxury, personalized service, and exclusivity, creating a memorable and exceptional travel experience.

Trasea Marine stands as a premier force in the marine seating industry, driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. With an extensive two-year endeavor dedicated to the design and research of First-Class/VIP-Class marine seats, we have embarked on a mission to redefine comfort and sophistication for maritime journeys.Our relentless pursuit of perfection has led us to collaborate with renowned global design entities, channeling their expertise into every intricate detail of our marine seats. 

Trasea Marine's dedication is not only to the present but to the future. As a pioneer in the industry, we have taken strides to revolutionize the marine seating experience.Our vision extends beyond comfort, encompassing an inclusive approach that ensures affordability without compromise. We understand that first-class luxury should be accessible to all who seek it.