Marine Seating Project for Thailand Shipowner


Marine Seating Project for Thailand shipowner


TRASEA is glad to deliver marine seating for a 23.7 meter catamaran to a Thailand shipowner. 

The shipowner approached TRASEA about the marine seating for his catamaran in August 2017. Since the  twocompanies never cooperated before the shipowner required a sample of seat. TRASEA produced a sample and ship to the shipowner within one week.

The shipowner feel very happy with the quality after they got the sample. That makes them confident to place the marine seating order to TRASEA. 

In March 2018 TRASEA started produce the marine seating for this 23.7 meter catamaran. 

152pcs TRA-09 for main deck economic class ,26pcs TRA-04 for upper deck business class.

Client choose the vinyl seat cover for both types. the color of red makes the interior area more shiny and impressive.

The marine seating was delivered to Bangkok on 8th June. TRASEA will keep an close eye on this project and make sure the after-sales service is provided in time. 

This order not only prove the successful relationship between TRASEA and the speed boat company also 

confirms the company’s leadership position in southeast Asia marine seating market.

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