TRASEA marine seats TRA-07 shipped to Philippines shipbuilding company


TRASEA successfully delivered another project of TRA-07 marine seats for boats built by Philippines shipbuilding company.

TRA-07 marine seats for boats is plastic shell with aluminum frame.It is suitable for all weather and maintenance free.It is the perfect option for both interior seating and exterior seating.

The seat and back are maded from injection moulded plastic which is durable.

As other type marine seats for boats. We also have different option of life jakcet storage under the jacket bag ,life jacket tray and life jacket box.

TRA-07 marine seats can be produced into various seating configuration. suitable for different seating arrangement.

Another big advantage of TRA-07 is space saving to make more capacity for ship owners.

We have many options of the plastic seat design and shape making the ship more impressive and passengers more comfortable.

marine seats for boats.jpg

passenger boat seats.jpg